What we do

We collaborate and partner with other research providers and end-users to contribute to the development of the following areas:

  • Biosecurity, land, soil and freshwater management
  • Climate change adaption and mitigation
  • Food and beverage sector (including foods for human nutrition and health, food technologies and food safety)

We support New Zealand’s pastoral sector through innovation:

  • Dairy On-Farm – Increasing farm profitability and ensuring an internationally competitive milk supply
  • Meat & Fibre On-Farm – Improving productivity and profitability of sheep and beef farms
  • Dairy Off-Farm – Transforming the contribution from dairy products and food solutions to the NZ economy
  • Meat & Fibre Off-Farm – Improving profitability and sustainability of the red meat sector and transform the wool industry for increased returns
  • Pan-sector & Maori Agribusiness Positioning New Zealand pastoral sector as leader in the development of ethics and environment, and grow potential Maori land