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Partnership and Programmes

What is the primary focus of Partnerships and Programmes? How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
The Partnerships and Programmes group provides the interface between AgResearch and the pastoral, agri-food and agri-tech sectors. The group has responsibility for building strong enduring relationships between our stakeholders and science teams and provides the commercial support required to develop the projects that deliver research-based solutions for our sector. Through these projects, we create value for our stakeholders and New Zealand and revenue and profit for AgResearch that can be invested to support the sector.

How would you best describe Partnerships and Programmes to a prospective employee?
There are 6 teams within the Partnerships and Programmes group, with 5 of them aligned to the sectors that we serve:

  • Government
  • Maori Agribusiness
  • Food and Fibre off farm
  • Meat and Fibre on farm
  • Dairy on farm

Each team is responsible for stakeholders associated with each sector and facilitating interactions with our science teams to create and manage business opportunities.

The sixth team is the Commercialisation team which supports the science teams to capture, manage and commercialise the Intellectual Property created through the projects we perform.

Why should someone come and work in the Partnerships and Programmes team at AgResearch?
In the Partnerships and Programmes team, you sit at the junction between science and business, and get the opportunity to be part of cutting edge science and exciting new business opportunities. We are fortunate that the sectors we serve have a long history of adopting new technologies and therefore you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing the science adopted and have real economic, environmental and social impacts.  



What is the Farms Group at AgResearch?
AgResearch currently operates 9 farms throughout New Zealand (8 sheep and beef, 1 dairy and 1 sheep and deer) providing the company with the ability to undertake scientific work such as reproduction, parasitology, genomics, plant breeding, animal behaviour, immunology and disease management.

The farms have 40 employees and are spread from the Waikato to Southland with land varying from intensive flats to steep hill.

What is the primary focus of the Farms?
Our farms provide an excellent and efficient research platform for NZ pastoral researchers where ‘excellent’ is judged by our scientists, ‘efficient’ involves our use of resources as measured by physical and financial metrics.

How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
Some at AgResearch refers to our farms as their ‘field lab’ and really that’s the key rationale for AgResearch having its own research farms. Our research farms enable us to conduct:

  • controlled, compartmental and secure research
  • disruptive and invasive research
  • proof of function testing
  • science that cannot be undertaken elsewhere for other reasons, for example, creating internal parasites resistant to chemical treatment

Additionally, our AgResearch farms need to be able to provide easy access to land and stock, often at short notice, and generally need to be in close proximity to our 4 main campuses.

Why should someone come and work in the Farms team at AgResearch?
Why wouldn’t you want to join a fun, highly motivated, exceptional team with great values? Working for a group that is committed to providing an excellent and efficient farm research platform for NZ pastoral researchers.

What career pathways are there within Farms?
We offer plenty of opportunities to grow, develop skills and encourage employees through mentoring.  We face a number of unique challenges in our daily work different from a commercial farm – that will increase the level of skills for all farm workers and managers.

People & Culture

What is the primary focus of People & Culture? How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
We deliver a strong and best practice HR function to support the achievement of our key strategic objectives, financial targets and the development of a high performing culture. We are accountable for delivering efficient and effective people-related processes, policies and initiatives and we support leaders in the organisation to lead and engage their people. We are responsible for building a strong and effective global talent pipeline to ensure that both our science and non-science talent is constantly being refreshed and that the talent in our business is being consistently well-developed to lead them into bigger and more complex roles.

It is also a critical part of our role to help our people to look forward – to our new way of working in our planned joint facilities and help people understand and adapt to change.

How does the work you do relate to the science?
Without people there is no science and without science there is no innovation. The work that the People & Culture team does within AgResearch is twofold:

  1. We make the transactional aspect of people leadership as simple as possible so they can focus on the business of science.
  2. We also ‘lift’ the organisation in all areas but most critically in the areas of culture, engagement, values and leadership.

The work we do in People & Culture helps the organisation to attract, recruit and retain the science talent that it needs to be successful.

How would you best describe the People & Culture team to prospective employees?
Our team is passionate, aligned and very clear about what it needs to do to support the organisation. If it doesn’t add value, then we always question why we do it.

Why should someone come and work in the People & Culture team at AgResearch?
The People & Culture team plays an important role in delivering our vision of driving prosperity by transforming agriculture. If you want to play a meaningful part in an organisation that makes a real, significant difference to the New Zealand economy through agri-science and the pastoral sector, then please consider joining our team.

What are the career paths within People & Culture at AgResearch?
The People & Culture team includes a variety of different roles including HR Administrators, HR Business Partners, Talent Acquisition, Organisational Development and L&D. Start in any one of these areas and be exposed to a great team of highly competent individuals. The world is then your oyster!

Support Services

What is the primary focus of Support Services? How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
Support Services provide a number of enabling services to AgResearch, including legal services, campus management, procurement, research farms and animal management, statistics and bioinformatics, library and knowledge advisory services, and information technology.

How does the work you do relate to the science?
Support Services supports our science colleagues to deliver research outcomes in a variety of ways,  from ensuring our work facilities are fit-for-purpose to providing legal advice on contracts, managing trial work on research farms, assisting in the procurement of goods and services to optimise our spend to providing statistical analysis and bioinformatics, library services and knowledge advisors for literature and patent searches, and more.

How would you describe the Support Services teams to prospective employees?
Our teams have capabilities and expertise across a spectrum of speciality areas. We have scientists in the bioinformatics and statistics team, farm workers and farm managers, lawyers, computer engineers and administrators. We are a dedicated bunch of people who strive to support our science colleagues to achieve AgResearch’s research outcomes.

Why should someone come and work in Support Services at AgResearch?
Support Services offers a wide spectrum of roles that support scientists and technicians to achieve breakthrough research making a real impact for the pastoral sector in New Zealand. We want people with a can-do attitude who are adaptable and will go the extra mile.

What are the career paths within Support Services at AgResearch?
Career paths within Support Services vary depending on the capability within each team. All teams have managers or team leaders so there is an opportunity for leadership development and there are often opportunities to participate in cross-functional project teams which can broaden organisational and project knowledge.

Finance and Business Performance

What is the primary focus of Finance and Business Performance? How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
The Finance and Business Performance (FBP) function plays a critical role in supporting AgResearch’s strategic direction and enhancing its performance through insight, advice and reporting.

How does the work you do relate to the science?
We work with the Science teams to help them understand and manage the financial aspects of their work, providing training, help on demand and pro-active advice. This covers the whole process from project budgets through to monthly reporting and final financial analysis.

How would you best describe the Finance and Business Performance team to prospective employees?
The FBP team isn’t just a bunch of accountants. Whilst accounting is a predominant skillset, we also have project analysts and managers, change specialists and systems analysts in our group.  These broad skills and experience mean that we are always learning from each other and sharing great ideas. Even though we physically sit in different locations, we work as one team, constantly engaging with each other.

Why should someone come and work in the Finance and Business Performance team at AgResearch?
We’re very passionate about what we do. We strive to deliver the best outcome to our clients – which is the rest of the AgResearch business. This passion is infectious and means that we work as a collective with that aim in mind.

What are the career paths within Finance and Business Performance at AgResearch?
You’re not limited to a traditional accounting career path at AgResearch. The breadth of services the FBP team provide to the business means that you can take your core skills and use them in areas such as project management or embed yourself even more into AgResearch through roles in other areas. For the right person, the choice is theirs to make.

Our training status means that we are able to provide those wanting to study for professional accounting qualifications are able to do that at AgResearch.


Communications & Marketing

What is the primary focus of Communications and Marketing? How does the work you do impact AgResearch?
The Communications team is responsible for sharing information about AgResearch’s science. It does so both internally, using Gateway, and externally, using the media. We have three specialist groups within Communications which means we can focus on telling AgResearch’s stories in the right way. The team write and produce the corporate publications, including the Annual Report, and also manage the budget for sponsorship.

How does the work you do relate to the science?
We profile the science through various external and internal communications channels. The aim is to ensure the taxpayer is made aware of the value of the work our scientists do. We are not wedded to traditional methods of sharing our stories and we look for creative options to ensure our stakeholders and the wider public are well informed about the valuable science AgResearch carries out and its impact on New Zealand’s economy.

How would you best describe the Communications and Marketing team to prospective employees?
We are a support service with many ways to help spread the word about AgResearch, its science and achievements. Our budget covers “all AgResearch” initiatives in order to promote AgResearch’s name, brand and science impact. This is why we invest so much in Fieldays, key corporate documents and our major AgResearch promotions (like Agmoji) and why we invest in updating our image library and video creation. This allows us to represent AgResearch as a whole with professional imagery/video. We also use free channels (media, social media, CRI networks) to highlight and promote all aspects of our science and capabilities. We place a lot of emphasis on these channels and have a dedicated employee for this work.

Why should someone come and work in the Communications and Marketing team at AgResearch?
We are a fun, high-energy and creative group. Because we are small we are close-knit and we support each other to ensure we all succeed in the specialist areas we manage.

What are the career paths within Communications and Marketing at AgResearch?
Being part of a small, creative Communications team is a huge advantage for anyone wanting to work in the wider Communications and Marketing industry. We see ourselves as an excellent place to gain hands-on experience and understanding of how communications and marketing services can support a successful organisation, regardless of that being public or private sector, within science or in any other industry.

Health, Safety & Environment

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