Our Future

We are proud to know that the work we’re doing now is helping to build New Zealand’s future. The significance of this work, along with our reputation for excellence and our clear sense of purpose, are all driving factors in the global recognition we achieve.

We know that our future will be driven by talented, passionate people who learn and spark of each other, and who are empowered to achieve more. We have a range of benefits on offer to make sure our people feel supported and enjoy being part of the AgResearch team.

Bright Minds

Here, innovation is a way of life. When you feel supported, and when you’re surrounded by passionate, talented people who learn from and spark off each other – everyone feels empowered to achieve more. We share our knowledge, we challenge ourselves to be better, and we have a commitment to innovation which not only energises us, it also underpins our commercial success.


We are playing a truly pivotal role in changing the world we live in. We know who we are, why we are here and what is needed from us, and it’s this sense of purpose that keeps us working collectively to achieve our goals and adapt to tomorrow’s needs. We’re constantly inspired by the opportunity to continue contributing to New Zealand’s legacy.

Leading the Way

We have built a reputation for excellence. Just as science is constantly evolving, we’re always looking for new ways of getting better at what we do in order to deliver globally recognised science.



When your work environment fits your values and your lifestyle, it’s a better place to be. Our campuses are green, open and developing, allowing you to enjoy your work and to be productive, at the same time – we offer flexibility and generous benefits, to ensure everything is in balance. We trust you to get the job done, and we respect the diversity and uniqueness of our people.