Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a well-developed, well connected country with all sorts of opportunities and was rated second in the world for work-life balance in HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey. Imagine a land the size of the UK or Japan with all the facilities of an advanced Western economy but a fraction of the number of people.

We’ve got a lot going for us – here are just some of the great things to look forward to about living and working in New Zealand:

  • Our easy-going ways, uncrowded communities, relatively low crime rates and compact workplaces all mean life’s generally less stressed here.
  • New Zealand doesn’t have the endless sprawls of high-density housing or rows of towering high-rises you find elsewhere. There’s room to breathe and a wide variety of lifestyle options.
  • Smaller, less crowded cities and towns make getting to and from work much easier. Expect to leave home at a decent hour, and arrive back with time to achieve something in the evening.
  • You can enjoy New Zealand’s open spaces at will, discover the beaches, have fun in the playgrounds and parks, picnic, explore the bush, climb mountains and cycle to your heart’s content.
  • New Zealand offers all sorts of options for choosing a home and lifestyle for your family. We make fitting in and getting set up in your new country easy.
  • Our country is a land of wide open spaces, where the elements come alive. We share a fierce appreciation of the land that inspires us and provides opportunities for ourselves and for future generations.
  • New Zealanders share a strong sense of guardianship (kaitiakitanga) for our environment. We maintain robust controls over land development, fishing, water quality and conservation and have dedicated over 30% of our land area to national parks and other protected areas.
  • New Zealand is diverse, combining influences from around the world, especially the Pacific. We are a country of open, welcoming people and a place where you’ll make lasting friendships.
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Making the Move

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